Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black on Black Reflection


Describe your experience with a palette knife:

· What surprised you? The palette knife was easier to use than I thought.

· What frustrated you? Getting the colors right frustrated me.

· How did you overcome any frustration? I made the correct blacks that I saw.

· Would you use it again? I would use the palette knife again.

Why not? Why? Under what circumstances? It is fun to summarize a painting.

· What did you learn about painting and your “thinking” by using a palette knife?

I focused more on the shapes and less on the detail.


Have you shown reflected color and shapes? Yes I have shown reflect color and shapes.

Choice of composition draws the eye through the painting from front to back. (not side to side) Tell where and how. The lipsticks draw the painting more inward.

All objects ( shoes, cups, fabric,etc) appear to be in same light.

Did you SUMMARIZE, generalize, OR ITEMIZE the visual information. Refer to specific areas of your painting and be specific.

I summarized the clock in the back and I itemized parts of the lipstick but also summarized the bottom of it.

Kudos to another artist- whose work from among your classmates do you think met the criteria best? WHY?

Jen Kelly's work was amazing. She worked really hard and I think she met her criteria best. The shapes are nicely painted and her black on black reflection is fabulous.

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